Mount Washington

A hillside oasis in the northeast of Los Angeles

Mount Washington is a hillside oasis in the northeast of Los Angeles. The area is one of the most affluent areas in East LA with a mix of historic and mid-century homes. Many of them have gorgeous views and large lots. No wonder, it is slowly becoming a popular alternative to the Westside. This Eastside neighborhood is purely residential with many well-to-do professionals, middle – and upper class residents inhabiting the stunning homes on the steep edges of the hills.

Urban lifestyle, nature and communal atmosphere

When you don’t want to eat at home you can take a short drive down the hill to Highland Park, the flat neighbor of Mt. Washington. Here you will find international restaurants and "hipster" bars that guarantee a long night. Surrounded by a couple lakes this area provides a beautiful home for singles, couples, and families of all ages. The perfect balance between urban lifestyle, nature and communal atmosphere.