Hollywood Hills

Luxury Mansions & Magnificent Views

The neighborhood of Hollywood Hills is part of the Santa Monica Mountains and contains the communities Beachwood Canyon, Cahuenga Pass, Franklin Village, Hollywood Heights, Hollywoodland, Outpost and Whitley Heights. Luxury mansions with private terraces and gigantic pools frame the backyards of the so-called “Hills”. A-list celebrities, up-and-coming actors, musicians and artists drive their SUV’s down the winding roads to grab a bite to eat or shop on the Strip in Franklin Village, the quaint little hipster community of the Hollywood Hills. Franklin Strip offers an eclectic mix of restaurants and shops and is known and loved by people who live outside the neighborhood

Hollywood Elite

Since the early 20th century comprehensive residential development has turned the Hollywood Hills into one of the most desirable real estate neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The most popular part of the Hills is the area above Sunset Boulevard. It is known to be home to a vast majority of the Hollywood elite. Tinseltown A-listers can enjoy their privacy and the best views in all of Los Angeles. In terms of real estate, the Hollywood Hills are the perfect choice. The entire area is very private; the atmosphere is laid back and there are a wide variety of homes around.

Runyon Canyon Hike

Another famous part of the Hollywood Hills is Runyon Canyon - a little slice of heaven away from all the hustle and bustle. The canyon got its name from Carman Runyon, who bought  the land in 1919. After retiring from a successful coal business in the East, Runyon came out to California to enjoy the the climate.  He and his wife, an accomplished horsewoman used the canyon for riding and hunting before they sold it off again in 1930.

Today, the area is one of the favorite hiking spot of the Angelenos. If you live close to Runyon Canyon there is no need to join the gym – a morning or afternoon hike will do the trick, you can keep fit with the best views in Southern California.